La Croissanterie-30%

All day long, Cafe Croissanterie offers you a large variety of delicious meals at very affordable prices!

For a good breakfast, you are invited to try one of their nice fresh home-made croissants and succulent coffees or hot chocolates, as well as a nice selection of salads and sandwiches a fresh glass of orange juice, a ham, cheese and tomato croissant along with a nice cup of café au lait. And of course, don’t forget to try their delicious desserts… they’ll leave you wanting more!

Show your ISIC card and get 30% discount at all products.

ISIC discount is valid in the following stores:
1. Cafe Croissanterie LIDRAS – Ledras & Rigainis 235, Leukosia
2. Cafe Croissanterie GRAND2 – Anexartisias 161 & Vragadinou, Limassol
3. Cafe Croissanterie GRAND 4 – Kolonakiou 19, Agioos Athanasios 103 Limassol
4. Cafe Croissanterie GRAND 5 – 28th October 375, Limassol
5. Cafe Croissanterie – Anexartisias 103, Limassol
6. Cafe Croissanterie AMATHOUNTOS – Amathountos 42, Agios Tuxonas
7. Cafe Croissanterie POST OFFICE – 16th June 12B, Limassol
8. Cafe Croissanterie ZAKAKI – Franklin Roosevelt 212, Limassol
9. Cafe Croissanterie ENAERIOY – Kanika Enaerios 241ΓΔ, Limassol
10. Cafe Croissanterie EPISKOPI – Kremastis Rodou 58, Episkopi
11. Cafe Croissanterie – Griva Digeni 98B. Limassol
12. Cafe Croissanterie GRAND3 – Vas.Georgiou 95, Germasogeia
13. Cafe Croissanterie – Amathountos avenue 106A2, Agios Tuxonas
14. Cafe Croissanterie AMATHOUNTOS – Amathountos 200, Parekklisia